Welcome to The Wisconsin Podcast.

Hi. My name is Craig Sauer. I am a journalist. I am a curious person. And I have questions.

I am launching this new project to have deep, long form conversations with many of the interesting people of Wisconsin that I have come to know in life and work.

As I start this venture, a quote from the late sportswriter Frank Deford keeps popping up in my mind. The quote, printed in Sports Illustrated shortly after his death, noted an interesting connection between his natural shyness and his chosen profession.

“That’s why most of us become journalists—we’re shy, but we’re also curious, and if you have a press card, then you have a professional excuse to ask questions of strangers which you don’t have the nerve to do in life.”

I see a lot of myself in that quote.

This is my new excuse to interview interesting people about a wide range of topics including media, sports, culture, history, etc. I hope you will be entertained and enlightened.

Craig Sauer,
The guy behind The Wisconsin Podcast